Strategic planning for ISEES will be conducted through both web meetings and working group meetings to be held over the course of 2012-2013.

Science Drivers

March 11-12, 2013. A broadly representative group of researchers spanning earth, ecological, and life sciences will convene to assess the critical relationship between software and environmental science issues that are important to society.  Co-chairs: Bill Michener and Scott Collins.

Environmental Software Panel Discussion

July, 2013. Input and feedback from the broader environmental science community regarding the emerging strategic plan for an environmental software institute will be gathered through a Panel Discussion style forum to be held at the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) summer meeting. All topics of importance to planning for ISEES will be covered, including science, software, and sustainability.

Software Lifecycle and Components

August 13-14, 2013. Building on findings about science drivers, working groups will formulate issues and solutions across the software lifecycle that address the utility and viability of scientific software components.  Software Lifecycle Co-chairs: Matt Jones and Chris Mattman. Software Components Co-chairs: Peter Fox and Mark Schildhauer.

Software Adoption and Sustainability

September 10-11, 2013. The critical issues of software sustainability, adoption, community engagement, and workforce development will be addressed in a joint meeting of three working groups.    Sustainability and Governance Co-chairs: Patricia Cruse and Bruce Caron. Community Engagement Co-chairs: Carol Meyer and Lee Allison. Workforce Development Co-chairs: Dan Ames and Stephanie Hampton.